Pycnogenol's Miraculous Powers Discovered

Jacques Cartier was desperate. It was 1534 and he had brought his ship and crew half way across the world, and now they were all dying. Their ship was stuck in Canada's Gulf of St. Lawrence. Winter had surprised them and their ship was marooned in ice. Their food supplies had dwindled and they were surviving by hunting and eating salted meat and biscuits. Their fruits and vegetables were long gone and now they were struck by scurvy. Twenty five men had already died and 50 were seriously afflicted. Now even the remaining 35 men were too weak to hunt or dig graves. When all seemed lost, Cartier met a Quebec tribal leader. This Indian told him about the needles and bark of a local pine tree that could cure his sailors. He was instructed on how to prepare a tea to administer to his crew. After experimenting on 2 of his sailors with miraculous results, he gave it to the rest of his crew and they were all saved.

Pycnogenol Rediscovered and Perfected

Centuries later, French Professor Jacques Masquelier was visiting in Quebec. He had heard about Cartier's story and did research on flavonols of the Anneda Pine tree, which was the tree that Cartier had used to cure his crew. Extensive scientific research was performed by him and in 1982, was able to patent a special extraction process from the French Maritime Pine tree, which he found has the richest source of "the most bio-available and bio-active flavonols". He called this compound Pycnogenol.

Masquelier patented Pycnogenol for "Preventing and fighting the harmful biological effects of free radicals". Richard Passwater, PhD in his book "The New Super Antioxidant Plus" lists the following research findings of many studies and decades of clinical experience:

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